Facts and tips to help you better understand Utopia metaverse.

Can you give a brief introduction to Utopia?

Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain!

In the Utopia universe, you can enjoy one-stop services including GameFi, DEX, Decentralized lending, NFT marketplace, and more DeFi apps. Utopia is also the first-ever metaverse project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem tokens.

The primary concern is whether it is safe to use Utopia. Has Utopia passed any security audit?

Utopia has always set asset safety as our top priority since the beginning of product design. We offer a higher standard of safety precautions in order to avoid the risks of flash loans in any circumstances.

We have adopted two following actions to minimize the possible risks:

a. utilizing Chainlink as a third-party oracle provider;

b. introducing metaverse interface as the security guard for all the applications in the Utopia universe.

With regard to audit quality, Utopia has passed the Smart Contract Security Audit offered by Anchain in America. The audit report is available for search on Anchain’s official website. We are also requesting a second security audit company Hanchi to conduct independent audit.

Users have always been the deciding factor for any projects to thrive. As a brand-new metaverse project, Utopia’s target audience is from North America and Australia. We have developed three strategies as follows:

a. signing advertising contracts with Cointelegraph and other media companies;

b. cooperating with the renowned Launchpad to attract potential users;

c. collaborating with social media influencers to invite users from their fanbase.

Can you highlight Utopia’s unique selling points?

Here is what makes Utopia stand out from the crowd:

  • One-stop service for all: In the Utopia metaverse, we provide users one-stop service. Imaging you can enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace, and more apps in one place at the same time. That is what we are offering.

  • One governance token: All apps in the Utopia metaverse are governed by one governance token (UC).

  • Quick entrance: A maximum of $110 USD of collateral assets can be minted as stablecoins from $100 USD maximizing the funds to enter Utopia metaverse.

  • Flexibility: Utopia accepts multiple coins and multiple tokens to efficiently maximize the funds. We are making it possible for NFT as well.

  • Ustablecoins: Utopia introduces Ustablecoins as the only legally universal token in the Utopia ecosystem.

  • All the fees that occur in Utopia's ecosystem will be distributed to DAO, such as GameFi, DEX, NFT marketplace, etc.

What are Utopia’s advantages and profit points?

Most metaverse programs rely on a single business to cut into the market. Because of this nature, their investment in development is very limited. So is their risk resistance capacity. Once the single business struggles to operate, those programs won’t have enough funds to keep going.

In comparison, Utopia creates a brand-new metaverse that transforms everything into blockchain, based on distributed multi-party signature protocols. The principle is similar to App Store. While at the early stage Utopia has invested huge amount of money into development and it is extremely difficult to build the ecosystem from scratch, gas fees and handling fees generated from every single newly developed application can create constant profits and give back to Utopia.

Another edge Utopia holds is that Utopia adopts stablecoins as the universal currency to operate all applications and partake in all activities in the Utopia metaverse. All rewards from Utopian’s play-to-earn will be issued by utilizing stablecoins. For example, when Utopians join the new online card trading game after they complete card synthesis, upgrade their levels, or other tasks, not only can they collect cards from high levels, but also gain stablecoins as rewards.

What are Utopia’s next plans?

In the short term, we are focusing on developing Utopia’s own applications and introducing third-party applications to increase app numbers in the Utopia metaverse. We are also building the developer ecosystem.

In the long run, more resources will be directed to the development of the Utopia Chain, which is a distributed multi-party signature protocol based on the threshold signature scheme. For more information, please check out the roadmap on our official website.

How can I participate in Utopia’s project?

Anyone can mint a maximum of $110 USD of collateral assets as stablecoins from $100 USD generating the funds to enter Utopia metaverse.

Each user in the Utopia ecosystem can play one or more of the following roles: producers, protectors, Utopians, adventurers, and voters. Each role has different financial and systematic incentives.

All Utopians can participate in all activities in the Utopia universe by utilizing Ustablecoins, including but not limited to games, decentralized exchange, decentralized lending, NFT markets, and other economic activities.

What action will Utopia take to keep the project thriving? Many programs from other companies appeared to be frontrunners at first but disappeared in the end due to low use cases. How will Utopia avoid similar situations?

The capability to continue application development is the key factor to thriving for any projects. Utopia’s team is assembled by high-skilled personnel in the tech industry. Based on the roadmap, we will work with third-party developers to introduce the latest, the hottest GameFi and DeFi applications. As we continue to build Utopia’s ecosystem, we will also drive our projects thriving and trending.

When will Utopia launch the Mainnet?

The exact date of Utopia’s Mainnet launch will depend on the data from public beta. But we can assure you that the Mainnet will be launched in November this year.

When will Utopia launch the NFT marketplace and card trading games?

These projects are expected to launch this month. Stay tuned. Please follow our official accounts on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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