👩‍💻Introducing Utopia Ecosystem Program

An invitation to building the next generation applications in the Utopia Metaverse.

Welcome to the Utopia Developer Program. Utopia is investing one million dollars to support new applications on the platform. All the applications will be eligible for free promotion on email, Telegram, Twitter, other official Utopia social media channels, and cooperative media. Rewards will be 100% equal to developers’ income and released monthly. The offer is subject to availability.

Why Utopia?

Utopia is a metaverse project that transforms everything into blockchain. Enjoy GameFi, DEX, decentralized lending, NFT marketplace and more DeFi apps all in one in Utopia universe. It is the first-ever project that utilizes stablecoins as its ecosystem token.

From Code to Customers

Join the Utopia Developer Program to reach customers in the Utopia metaverse now. Membership includes all the tools, resources, and support you need to develop and distribute apps, including access to beta software, app services, testing tools, app analytics, and more.

All your Apps will be promoted and demonstrated to all Utopians through Utopia’s official channels and cooperative media. Utopia will cover all the promotion fees so you can 100% focus on application development and maintenance.

Bring Your Idea to The Real World

The creator economy will be one of the key components of the metaverse ecosystem. The virtual worlds within the metaverse need to be conceived, designed and built by individuals and organisations.

Thus, aside from Utopia’s own developers, we need contributors from a diverse background with strong and open mind to focus more on user experience and customer service. All applications in the Utopia metaverse should not only look good from a developer’s or a designer’s point of view, but also deliver practical and aesthetic pleasure to our users and expect positive feedback.

Ultimately, the process by which these virtual worlds are created should be human-centred — designed according to the abilities, goals and expectations of the intended users. Too often, we hear about or experience products that have ultimately failed because the designers were too focused on the technological possibilities, rather than the users. That’s why we establish the program from the very first place and hope to gather talented individuals and organisations to make the dream come true.

Distribute Apps Worldwide

The Utopia Metaverse makes it easy for users all over the world to discover and download your apps, games, and extensions. We handles worldwide payment processing, offers unlimited hosting and bandwidth — even for free apps, verifies user accounts, and much more to empower you to scale your app distribution. You can offer your app in volume or custom apps only to organizations you specify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is APP?

APP refers to all the applications that launch in the Utopia developer program.

What’s the cost?

The whole process is free for developers: from applying, docking, submitting, to updating and promoting.

What about profit distribution?

30% profits from applications will be distributed to developers and 70% will belong to all UC holders.

How can I get more free promotion for my apps?

Utopia will judge the weight distribution by total user number, TVL, active user number. The more weight distribution, the more free promotion you will get.

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