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Utopia Avatar Design Challenge Announcement

Utopia needs your talent to create amazing profile avatars for everyone!
To create a truly decentralized ecosystem, we decide to work from something small but important. We are launching the Utopia Avatar Design Contest now.

Contest Info

Submission Deadline: 15th December, 23:59 pm UTC
Theme: Create an avatar for each of 5 roles in the Utopia metaverse
Producer: Depositing collateral assets and generate Ustablecoins.
Protector: Obtaining liquidation income by providing Ustablecoins to Moat Pool.
Utopian: Using Ustablecoins to participate in various applications in the universe.
Adventurer: Obtaining high returns by providing liquidity to UC LP / Ustablecoin LP / NFT LP, etc.
Voter: Anyone who holds UC and has voting rights.
Grading Time: 15th December — 30th December
Note: UC is the essential token in the Utopia metaverse for every Utopian to participate in any activity.

What is the Reward?

We will select one winner for each role. Winners will be rewarded 50 UC (worth $50).
Every participant will be issued one UC as a small prize for partaking in the project.

How to Participate?

Step 1) Design a Utopia avatar based on each role’s description and functions. You could sketch it out on paper, illustrate it using 2D drawing software, or even model it in 3D.
“Avatar” refers to the images you put on Telegram profile, the avatar you put on Discord and header images people use to present themselves on other social media platforms.
Step 2) Turn your design into an image file. Scan it, photograph it, or take a screen capture. Files should be 350 x 350​​ at minimum. The better image quality is, the more scores you will get.
Step 3) Follow @UtopiaCoinOrg on Twitter and reply to our tweet announcing the contest. Include your works and the hashtag #UtopiaMetaverse #UtopiaCoin.
Step 5) Fill out the form.
Make sure to follow all these steps. If we don’t know your profile, we can’t give you your reward!
Note: Multiple entries are allowed. All the works submitted must be original.

Grading Criteria

Rewarding Rule

Join the contest now. We can’t wait to see your masterpiece featuring in the Utopia metaverse!