Your security is our top priority.
Utopia’s safety is our top priority, and we encourage our users to research and understand the risks involved before participating in the agreement. Utopia smart contracts are designed as security priorities and have been independently audited by third-party auditors and unassociated consultants. Before any future protocol upgrades, we will also conduct security audits before any new deployments. However, we cannot guarantee that the audit can eliminate or highlight all potential risks involved. We encourage our users to exercise their own judgment and suggest that they should be cautious when considering whether it is appropriate to participate in the agreement.
Utopia is non-custodial and cannot obtain user funds. However, we do have an administrative key with special privileges, allowing us to suspend and modify the contract in an emergency. We plan to introduce a time lock to give enough notice so that the community can monitor any changes before they happen. We are big fans of decentralized governance, but we are also aware of the limitations of the eagerness to move toward decentralized governance. As time goes by, we will gradually grow in accordance with the development route.


AnChain Certificate


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AnChain Audit Report