How to Join Utopia Pre IDO Whitelist Competition

A brief instruction to guide you through!
The highly anticipated Utopia Pre IDO Whitelist Competition is open now!

How to Participate

Exclusive Bonus and Perks

Do you want to be one of the very first Utopians to dive into the Utopia Metaverse?
🌟 If you want to get exclusive deals, coveted NFT and infinite possibilities before anyone else, don’t miss out this whitelist opportunity.

Time Span

⏰ Whitelist Competition Time: Dec.7th 10:00 (UTC) — Dec.14th 23:59 (UTC)

Reward List

⚡️ Only 1000 Whitelist Winners can participate in the Presale
⚡️ Top 100 winners: subscription limit of 1BNB
⚡️ Top 100–300 winners: subscription limit of 0.5BNB
⚡️ Top 300–1000 winners: subscription limit of 0.25BNB

Price List

Pre IDO Price: 0.003BNB
IDO Price: 0.005BNB

Participation conditions

Complete the tasks in the Whitelist link as soon as possible; Check up everything especially your wallet address.
The competition will go live from now.
Let us look forward to it!
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Or simply drop an email to [email protected].
Utopia believes that together we can build a metaverse where everyone can reach their full potential and explore infinite possibilities with each other. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.